Frequently Asked Questions


How old does my child have to be to enroll in SWEL?

Children need to be three or four by Aug.31st of the school year you are interested in applying in.

How soon should I submit an application?

Enrollment typically begins mid to late March for us with applications being due in April, however we continue to accept applications beyond that date until classrooms are filled. Once classrooms are filled, children can be put on our waiting list and are contacted as soon as a spot opens up. If your child is younger than three and you wish to add them to our wait list for a later school year please give us a call! While a child’s position on our waiting list is one factor we consider when making enrollment decisions, we also strive to create a balanced classroom in terms of gender, age range, and diversity.

What are some resources to help cover additional tuition costs?

The City of Seattle helps us cover some costs for families that qualify with the Seattle Preschool Program. For families that do  not qualify for free tuition through SPP, your tuition will be based on a sliding scale with the City of Seattle directly. Learn more about SPP and tuition here.

Can I visit SWEL?

We offer program tours each month. If you are interested in attending a tour, please contact us at 206-913-2980 or email our director at

What are the qualifications of SWEL teachers?

 All teachers have or are working on advanced degrees in early childhood education; their degrees are approved through Washington's Department of Children, Youth and Families. All of our faculty receive ongoing training through on-site coaching, monthly in-service training, workshops, and conferences. 


What are the classroom hours and days?

We only offer full day options for enrollment.

Our full day classrooms are open Monday-Friday from 8:30-2:30. 

The session runs September to June.

What are your closure days?

We follow the Seattle School District school calendar with some modifications. We also provide new families with a school calendar when they start to be aware of non-school days.

Do children have to be potty trained?

Yes, BUT if your child is not potty trained teachers and families will create a plan the child as they attend school.

Are there any formal conferences held between teachers and parents?

Yes, we hold parent-teacher conferences three times a year where we have scheduled meet ups with parents to create a learning plan for their child and see how they progress throughout the year.   

Is there a waitlist I can join?

Yes! Feel free to call us at (206) 913-2980 to join our wait list or add yourself to our wait list for 2020-2021 here

Family Involvement

Family Events

Children Events

Children Events


- Tea Party (Orientation): The Tea Party is held at the beginning of the school year with food and drinks to give a chance for families to meet their children's teachers, peers and more. 

 - Harvest Festival: Our annual Harvest Festival fundraiser is held every fall, filled with food, games and more for families to enjoy! 

- Cultural Potluck: The cultural potluck is one way we celebrate diversity here at SWEL. The children perform for the parents and we ask that every family bring a dish from their own culture to share with everyone.

- Kindergarten Transition Night: We have a representative from the Seattle Public Schools come and speak to parents on how enrollment for Kindergarten works, how Choice enrollment goes and more. We also have computers set up for parents to complete enrollment right away.

 - Parent Resource Night: A night where we have informative gatherings on topics such as kindergarten transition, or positive discipline as well as providing parents with other helpful resources.

- Parent Gatherings: We hold parent gatherings throughout the year, where parents get to decide what topic each gathering should focus on and we then bring in professionals to speak on those topics. These gatherings have ranged from community safety, curriculum night and more in the past.

 - Silent Auction: Our annual silent auction, is a way for us to raise funds for the program. Providing parents, community members and friends to join us for food, drinks, entertainment and an auction.

Children Events

Children Events

Children Events


 - Children's Day/Dia Del Niño: Children's Day is a global holiday celebrating how amazing children are! At SWEL we organize games, music, and have a potluck style lunch with the families!

- Raising A Reader: Raising A Reader is a national program that is brought to us thanks to the Seattle Public Libraries. This program allows us to send our students home with a Red Book Bag each week where the children check out two award-winning books to read at home and practice the tradition of sharing books!

- Enrichment Programs: Throughout the school year, we bring programs to the school such as musical guests, authors, scientists, and our local Fire Dept. or Police Dept. to teach and meet with the children! 

- Field Trips: We hosts a variety of field trips throughout the school year that are related to what the children are learning that week or month! Whether it is learning about the ocean and sea life with a visit to the aquarium or relating back to our play based curriculum with a visit to the children's museum, all the field trips are fun and educational.